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Dentist / Dentist - 3 months ago

How To Care For Dentures

Dentures – What Can I Eat? Dentures bring you back your smile and your oral function. But there lies the fact that these are not natural and they are not natural parts of your body. So, you should observe what you eat to avoid them from being d...

Dentist / Dentist - 3 months ago

Getting Used to Your Permanent Dentures

Have you ever experienced your dentures slipping off, falling out, causing discomfort and gives you speaking difficulties? Apparently, traditional dentures may tend to give these effects. Also, a lesser known drawback of traditional dentures is bone...

Dentist / Dentist - 3 months ago

Find the most comfortable dentures

Since you will be wearing your dentures practically all day, you need to make sure that they are comfortable to put on. They don’t require any surgical procedure for installation so you can’t expect them to stay on all the time like dental implants....