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Dentist / Dentist - 3 months ago

Oral Hygiene: Basic Relevant Tips

& A person’s set of teeth are valuable for a number of reasons. The most obvious and significant of these reasons is that a complete set of teeth allows them to smile with confidence. Who wants to hide their smile? Our teeth permits proper nouri...

Dentist / Dentist - 3 months ago

Significant Benefits of Digital X-Rays

& The diagnosis and identification of disease is very important because proper treatment and management is only given when the condition is properly identified. A careful assessment of the signs and symptoms will help the dentist in his investig...

Dentist / Dentist - 5 months ago

Health Conditions Which Associate the Mouth and Body

& Periodontal disease and chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, pregnancy complications and respiratory disease are strongly connected and this has been backed up by numerous research on mouth and body connection. If you gums are sign...